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Nov 10, 2022

How to Launch a New Beauty Product on TikTok: 5 Tips to Know

From CeraVe to Dyson to Fenty Beauty – a bevy of beauty brands have seen jaw-dropping sales figures as a result of going viral on TikTok. Since its rise in popularity in 2020, it’s become the social media platform of choice for consumers seeking ‘real’ content. Think unfiltered, unedited, and unscripted. And that authentic reputation is just one of many reasons beauty brands need TikTok in their new product launch strategy – not to mention just-in research that shows 89% of TikTok’s users have purchased beauty products after seeing them on the app.  

So how do you launch your new product on the platform? Here, we reveal five tips for debuting a beauty product on TikTok, so you can craft content that truly resonates…


1. Check out #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt posts

On TikTok, consumer research is made easy with the hashtag #TikTokMakeMeBuyIt. Search this hashtag on the app, and you’ll find a host of viral product-focused content that’s stacked up a whopping 24.6 billion views in total (and counting). Beauty brands feature heavily in the top posts, so inspiration is rife for your content planning. In particular, we’ve noticed a trend for influencer posts and unfiltered ‘before and after’ demos that show beauty buys in real-time action.

Browse the hashtag to get ideas for what video types sell on the platform, then explore other hashtags, such as #beautyhacks, #beautytips and those relevant to your new product (for example, #sheetmasks). Products with a special hook or a noticeable transformative effect tend to perform best on TikTok, so get creative with your angle and work on a strategy that propels your unique selling point.

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2. Make Content Relevant to a Younger Audience


While the largest audience age group is 25-34 on Instagram (31.2%) and Facebook (31.5%), that range drops to 10-19 on TikTok (25%), with the 20-29 bracket falling just behind. As such, the users that follow you on TikTok may have a different perspective to those on your Instagram channel. Think about what your product might mean to them, and how it could fit into their lifestyle.

These differences in demographics reinforce the need for tailored messaging on TikTok. Beauty brands tend to be more informal and conversational when they’re posting on this platform versus others. It’s also important to consider calendar dates that matter to a younger audience, from the first day back at school after Christmas, to more niche moments (Emily in Paris season three is coming up!). Most social media teams maintain a calendar of key dates for their beauty brand; craft a new one just for your TikTok audience, and ideate ways for your new product to enter these conversations.


3. Ensure Your Content Feels Fun and Relatable


Comedy is queen on TikTok. Even educational and informative videos thrive with an element of humour, so have fun with the new product posts you create. For inspiration, look to some of the best beauty brands on TikTok, including:

  • Rare Beauty, who tap into the cultural moments that matter and adorn their products in google eyes (because why not?). One of our favourites is their ‘you’re breaking up with me but…’ promo for a restock of their famous bronzer.

Video Source: TikTok  

  • Youthforia, whose relatable content is as bright and bold as their packaging. Their founder keeps it real with POVs and vlog-style clips that take you behind the scenes of the brand.

Video Source: TikTok  

  • Glow Recipe, who call their followers their ‘besties’ and in turn, speak to consumers like they’re best friends. The brand’s light tone of voice makes every post feel like it’s appealing directly to you with trustworthy tips.

Video Source: TikTok  

These are just a few accounts that lean into the TikTok audience's penchant for comedy. Watch out for trending voice tracks and pop culture topics to inject humour into your own product launch posts.


4. Launch With a Branded TikTok Challenge

To make your posts easily discoverable on the For You page (#fyp) and get users engaging with your new product, launch a branded hashtag challenge with a twist. e.l.f. Cosmetics nailed it with their #eyeslipsface challenge, which saw them drop an original Eyes Lip Face song and encourage followers to use it as the backing track to their makeup videos. Nearly five million user-generated clips were created as a result, including non-sponsored videos from the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Lizzo.


Video Source: TikTok  

While not every challenge is going to be catapulted to such heights, it shows how a catchy tune or a creative idea can go viral on TikTok. It’s all about coming up with a challenge that’s fun and inclusive, but also easy to do. Consider sounds, songs or branded overlays that beauty lovers will want to make a part of their feeds. The goal is to transform consumers from passive onlookers to active participants.


5. Work With Influencers on Native Content

Consumers – and particularly Gen Z audiences – are savvier than ever about sponsored content. They won’t reject paid posts entirely, but they can often tell when an influencer’s enthusiasm is real or fake. That’s why it’s crucial to:

  1. Recruit influencers who have a pre-existing love for or affinity to your brand.
  2. Give them creative freedom so that ads feel native to their channel.

The second part is especially vital to high-performing content. However, rigid guidelines and rounds of approval can sometimes mean an influencer’s natural style gets lost in the final content. Remember that it’s the creator’s honed tone of voice that helped them gain their audience in the first place, so allow them to work with that. This will give your new product campaign the authenticity it needs to succeed.

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November 10, 2022