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Aug 03, 2022

6 of the Very Best Beauty Posts on TikTok

In the two years since TikTok exploded, all manner of beauty brands have enjoyed viral success on the platform – from industry heavyweights like NYX Cosmetics, to indie up-and-comers. Consumers can head to the platform for makeup tricks, skincare trends, hair demos, and so much more. Whatever you want to know about beauty (or #beauty), you’re sure to find it amongst TikTok’s 108.3 billion (and counting) hashtagged posts.

That sky-high figure gives you some idea of just how vast ‘BeautyTok’ is, and how challenging it can be for brands to get the level of visibility they crave. To help inspire your content strategy, we’ve uncovered the top 6 TikTok beauty posts from August 2021 to April 2022. These are the posts with the highest earned media value (EMV), gaining game-changing engagement in exchange for their creativity…


1. @leanne_page’s BeautyBlender cleaning hack

The benefits of BeautyBlenders have been widely hailed by influencers. These makeup sponges ensure a seamless, even base, whether you’re tapping on a foundation, a touch of highlighter, or a tactically placed contour cream. However, cleaning a BeautyBlender is something of a controversial topic. Should you use hand wash? A specialised brush cleanser? Dish soap and olive oil? It seems everyone has their own technique. Leanne Page’s 11-second tip video has stacked up millions of likes and thousands of saves, and we can see why: the before, the process and the after make for mesmerising viewing. It’s not glossy or highly produced; it’s authentic, relatable content that provides value to TikTokers. Take note, because informative clips like this have high ‘viralability’.

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2. @alxcext’s MACSTACK Mascara ad

On a platform that’s been lauded for its high volume of more authentic-looking content, it’s perhaps surprising that a sponsored video is the second best beauty post on TikTok. However, when you view @alxcext’s MAC Cosmetics MACSTACK Mascara review, you can immediately understand why it’s so popular: watching the product in action, you can see its lash-lengthening, volume-building powers are undeniable. Alice T features text overlays that talk about the mascara’s benefits, while sweeping the brush through bare lashes to demonstrate the effects. Brands can learn a lot from this. Influencer campaigns don’t have to be complex or fussy; it’s all about finding the right influencer, having a product that works, and showing off what makes it special.


3. @snatchedbywill’s Boots try-on video

‘Challenges’ are big hits across the whole of TikTok, so @snatchedbywill’s Boots try-on video became an instant classic when it was posted in April 2022. In it, we see Will trying on as many products at Boots’ beauty counters as he can without getting caught. He starts with a bare face, and doesn’t hold back on primer, blusher, eyeshadow, winged eyeliner – the works. It’s a joyful watch that also makes you want to try every. single. product. But does he get caught? You can find out for yourself here.


4. @glambyflo’s Dyson AirWrap tutorial

Videos tagged #dysonairwrap have received 2.5 billion views (to date), so it’s safe to say the styling tool is popular on BeautyTok. So much so that @glambyflo’s Dyson AirWrap tutorial has an EMV of £88,000, with over 555,000 views to its name. It’s organic gold for Dyson, and also for Olaplex, whose No7 Bonding Oil is featured, undoubtedly boosting awareness for both already-cult products. It also serves as strong inspiration for other beauty brands, proving once again how impactful natural, informative and speedy content can be.


5. @daniellemarcan’s Lily-Rose Depp makeup look

Makeup tutorials have been going viral since beauty influencers first came on the scene, and their popularity transcends every new feature or platform on social media. Case in point: @daniellemarcan’s Lily-Rose Depp makeup video, which sees her recreate the model’s signature look with a face full of NARS Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills. The similarity is uncanny by the time she reaches the finished look, and watching it all come together is fascinating, whether you’re a beauty lover or not. So, if you’re a makeup brand looking to work with influencers to promote both new and classic products, don’t shy away from a tutorial format – the demand is still high.


6. @abbyroberts’ miracle cleansing clip

Is there anything more satisfying than @abbyroberts’ cleansing video? In it, she takes off a full (and we mean full) face of highly pigmented makeup with her favourite CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. Watching the strokes of pink, blue, purple, yellow and red be swept away is nothing short of addictive, so it’s no surprise it’s achieved an EMV of £55,000. Meanwhile, the coverage for CeraVe is priceless; it demonstrates the cult-classic product’s effectiveness in a way that feels utterly authentic and trust-worthy. No wonder the brand does so well on TikTok.

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August 3, 2022