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monitor the effectiveness and measure the ROI of influencers and media used in targeted global campaign activity


how mediaCAMPAIGN helps

mediaCAMPAIGN is an analytics platform that monitors the effectiveness and measures the ROI of influencers and media employed for your targeted global campaign activity

Monitor and measure your campaigns in print, online and social including YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Stories and TikTok
Understand the results of a campaign in print, online and social media by grouping coverage in simple reports
Choice of metrics so you can use the relevant measurement criteria for your activity
EMV and reach of your paid and earned activities across all media types

UK & Ireland beauty media wrap up report 2023

How did the 2022 compare to 2021? Find out which categories grew in 2022 and which fell; who the top brands in the key beauty categories were and much more...
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Group key media for a communications activity to report the results of the campaign
Track campaign coverage across print, online and blogs, Instagram and Stories, YouTube and TikTok
Choice of metrics including EMV and reach of your paid and earned activities
Coverage book creation for best of press reporting

"the cleanest product catalogue in beauty analytics"

Monitor essential PR KPIs for 265 beauty product categories, over 950 brands across 5,500+ print, online and social media publications relevant to the beauty industry

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