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run more profitable beauty campaigns with the best influencers

Take the pain out of Instagram and TikTok influencer marketing with automated discovery, tracking, management and reporting

Influencer Marketing Platform For Beauty Brands
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Modernise your influencer discovery with AI and automation

Create a better discovery process using a powerful search engine build on AI.   Streamline your workflows and empower your brand to be more productive and get better results

Easily manage multiple brand collaboration campaigns in one place

Save time managing campaigns and increase team productivity so they can focus on fine tuning brand strategy.  Use influencer groups, campaigns and projects to keep your work and your teams organised

Influencer marketing software showing influencer automation and related influencers

Get more from your budgets with automation and detailed insights

Influencer marketing tool showing real time performance view of campaigns and reports

Present real time campaign results in an instant

Give your senior managers and PR team a real time view of brand campaign performance whenever they want. Build custom dashboards using modular report combinations to present the most relevant insights 

Scale up, scale down for launches and bigger campaigns

Scale up your influencer activations to cover busy promotions and back down on a monthly basis

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Easily communicate with influencers

Keep influencer outreach and collaborations organised. Invite, track and communicate with influencers in one location

Get influencer data without the need for authorisation and follow ups

Give your team the weekend off and put Instagram Stories and TikTok data collection on autopilot

Influencer marketing platform showing influencer demographics and instagram stories

Put your best strategies forward for your beauty brand

Put your insights to work and craft strategies that are backed by detailed insights. Fine-tune them using the most up-to-date as well as historical campaign results

Influencer marketing platform showing suspicious accounts and influencer demographics

Weed out the fakes before they cost you a penny

Validate influencers as part of discovery so you don't have to worry about wasting time and resources on the wrong ones

Start optimising campaign budgets, time and outcomes

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