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Jun 29, 2022

New for You: mmi Media Launches Broadcast Tracking

When we think of beauty media coverage, we often think first of a feature in a magazine, a mention in an online gift guide, or a shout-out in a TikTok tutorial. TV and podcasts haven’t previously been obvious sources for beauty tips, tricks or trends, but the industry’s popularity is pushing it higher and higher up the broadcasting agenda.

So much so that ITV’s This Morning beauty segment has become unmissable watching for a wide audience and shows such as BBC’s Glow Up have put the spotlight on makeup artistry in ways never seen before. There’s no denying that beauty in broadcast is gaining traction – although not yet on the level it deserves – so it’s no surprise that we at mmi have seen high demand for broadcast media monitoring.

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With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Broadcast feature on mmi media, allowing you to keep track of your brand mentions across TV and podcasts. We’ve worked hard to deliver a monitoring service that answers all of your needs, so you can keep on top of your coverage across the full media mix, and all around the world.

The benefits of mmi media Broadcast include:

  • Access to media mentions for your brand and your competitors across 2,700 channels in 27 different countries.
  • Tracking across 30,000 podcasts with global reach so you can quickly and easily identify coverage in this traditionally tricky-to-monitor format.
  • The ability to monitor media mentions across your complete media mix in a single platform. Broadcast data appears alongside press, online and influencer mentions for maximum efficiency.
  • A standardised methodology (both globally and across all media types) to determine the value of the coverage your brand has received. Mmi media doesn’t just identify mentions but evaluates them too, then provides audience figures alongside an earned media value (EMV).

Now, you never have to miss a celebrity raving about your latest serum on air, or a podcaster casually mentioning that your brand’s mascara is the best they’ve ever used. Broadcast mentions are notoriously tricky to track, but our new feature provides the insight you need. Layer it with sales data to put revenue spikes into context, or analyse your coverage to spot gaps in your strategy.

Did you know? We also launched mmi mediaPRO Regional last month; another feature of the platform that optimises your PR planning and tracking.

If you’re an existing media customer, you can upgrade to include Broadcast as part of your existing platform, and you can find out more about how to do that by speaking with your account director. If you’re not yet on mmi media, you can reach out to us at to ask any questions you might have. We’d be happy to give you a demo.

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June 29, 2022