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Jun 16, 2022

Just In: mmi Launches mediaPRO Regional

While influencers’ Instagram accounts and national press gain much of the PR attention these days, beauty brands would be remiss to turn their focus away from regional publications. Online and offline, local magazines and newspapers fuse community spirit with warm, engaging content, offering beauty columns that, at times, feel more authentic than a glossy Instagram post. That’s why, at mmi, we’re proud to announce the launch of mediaPRO Regional; a new feature that makes planning local UK PR strategies easier than ever before.

Following huge client demand to have all media types – from nationals to regionals – on one platform, mediaPRO now tracks local coverage from 1,250 brands in print and online. An extensive UK regional press reading list allows you to track down coverage all over the country, while also understanding where your competitors are gaining highest visibility. This is invaluable as you look ahead to your PR strategy for H2, allowing you to optimise your plans in a number of ways:

  • Your PR reports will become more robust with access to your regional press mentions, including data on your Reach and Earned Media Value (EMV) on one platform showing you your media profile from a broader perspective.
  • Analysing your existing coverage helps you identify PR successes and strong regional press relationships that you can continue to foster.
  • You can also spot gaps in the market and missed opportunities, then act accordingly to ensure your brand is considered for future features.
  • Using the platform to analyse your competitors’ coverage will help you understand your regional market share and see how other brands are being treated by the local press.
  • Furthermore, having this data on competitors enables you to dig into their PR strategies, and decide if you want to follow a similar plan or spearhead an entirely different approach.


If you’re an existing customer, you can find out more about mediaPRO Regional by reaching out to your MMI account director. New to our marketing and PR tools? Then reach out to us at to book a demo.

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June 16, 2022