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Feb 15, 2022

This Data Shows *Just* How Resilient the Fragrance Industry Is

The past two years have produced game-changing results in the beauty industry both good and bad as brands and consumers have increasingly shifted their focus to online shopping. And, while the ‘new normal’ doesn’t feel quite as new anymore, our team at mmi analytics is still spotting some interesting and thought-provoking trends across Media and Etail channels.

This is especially true in fragrance; a category that suffered at the start of the pandemic but, as our data shows, changed gear and proved its resilience through 2021. At the Hot Off the Press 2022 event, hosted by The Fragrance Foundation, we revealed data to show how the category has transformed and what that means for the future of fragrance online.

If you missed it, don’t worry you can head here to watch a video of the event. The replay is full of useful data you can feed into your strategies and action for your fragrance brand right now.

When you download the video, you will discover:

  • Why fragrance is the frontrunner in all beauty media mentions, and what that means for both the category and the industry. 
  • The top 10 fragrance brands and top 10 male and female scents to have gained the highest number of media mentions.
  • The fragrance brand ambassadors who proved most impactful through 2021, including Adam Driver for Burberry and Lady Gaga for Valentino.
  • The fragrance brands that achieved the highest share of voice in December 2021; the lucrative period when scents prove a popular gift for loved ones. 
  • Post-pandemic changes in discounting, gifting and shopper behaviour on etailer sites, and what that might mean for the future.
  • Etailers with the highest share of voice – an important detail that correlates with an increase in sales. 

And much more.

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These statistics are the result of our ongoing research at mmi analytics, where we utilise our own platforms to measure Media and Etail performance across the whole beauty landscape. Our data is unique in that we collect it for the beauty industry only, allowing us to identify and understand trends year on year. Were already spotting shifts in 2022.

Our goal with this data is to empower brands to optimise their marketing strategies, both by exploring our market-wide findings and using our tools to establish your own brand performance.

Download our Hot Off the Press replay now to discover fragrance statistics you dont want to miss. You might start seeing your Media and Etail strategy in a new light.

Up next: Find out why your beauty sales aren’t reaching pre-pandemic levels.

February 15, 2022