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Aug 17, 2022

Your Complete Guide to eCommerce Excellence for Beauty Brands

In the world of beauty, the online shopper journey is evolving at a constant pace. Just when brands get to grips with one path to purchase, a new innovation sends consumers on a different route. At mmi, we’re proud to be the global standard for industry analytics, helping brands navigate this shopper journey with fact-based insights to guide them on their way.

We know that having data for each point in the shopper journey is crucial to ecommerce success, as it allows you to track your performance, benchmark with your competitors, and then optimise to drive the highest conversion rates. That’s why, in our new workbook, we reveal the current state of the etail landscape, as well as the insights that will help you map your way to digital excellence.

Download now, and as an Ecommerce Professional or Digital Director, you will learn:

  • What today’s shopper journey looks like
  • How to elevate your media presence
  • The importance of optimised co-op ads
  • How share of search impacts etailer sales
  • Content tricks to drive conversions


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Inside, you will see how our analysts have segmented the often-convoluted shopper journey into three key phases: Recruit Shoppers, Improve Share of Voice (SOV), and Engage & Convert. This helps you refine your focus and optimise the areas that drive tangible sales revenue. A simplified plan for a solid strategy that’s backed by actionable data.

This data-driven workbook not only shows you the way forward in ecommerce, but also features questions and exercises that encourage you to look at your brand performance from a whole new angle. Go through the workbook step-by-step, complete each page by filling in your notes and answers, then review to discover areas that urgently need improvement.

We recommend sharing the workbook with your wider team and then comparing notes, so you can analyse your brand’s current activities in a clear, consistent and structured way. This is a great activity to kickstart brainstorming for your next ecommerce and online marketing strategy, whether you’re planning for the lucrative Q4 Christmas period, or looking beyond to 2023.

Ready to get started? Download Your three-phase guide to elevating the online beauty shopper journey here , and start mapping out an optimised path to purchase that guarantees ecommerce success. 

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August 17, 2022