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Feb 22, 2022

Reclaim Your Weekends With Our Instagram Stories Tracking Service

When Instagram Stories first came along in 2016, it drew in a new era for a platform that had, until then, thrived largely on glossy, posed photos and carefully curated snapshots. Bringing a more authentic edge to Instagram, it encouraged users to be more candid with their posts and they quickly followed suit, sharing short clips and on-the-go pictures that gave an unfiltered view of their day.

Suddenly, influencers, celebrities and even beauty brands felt more relatable than ever, thanks to behind-the-scenes glimpses that would show up in real time, and disappear after just 24 hours. It’s easy to see why Instagram Stories now has more than 500 million daily users, and why, according to mmi data, it outstripped grid posts for beauty media mentions in 2021.

But, for brands, Instagram Stories has always had one downside: its long been trickier to track than other social media features, thanks to the 24-hour expiry date on every post. Social media managers and PR agencies have been known to work weekends, so they wont have to miss out on a Saturday mention – a way of working that simply isn’t sustainable.

That’s where our Instagram Stories tracking feature comes in, allowing you to check performance and mentions during your desk hours. No more Sundays spent screenshotting influencer posts; with this tool, you can review Stories in your own time, with quick access to the featured content and performance metrics that you need for your monthly reports.

This means:

  • Communications Account Execs and PRs can reclaim their weekends and not fear missing out on capturing key coverage.
  • Your Instagram Stories mentions need never get missed – even during team absences.
  • All Instagram coverage data can be found in one place and returned to as and when you need it.
  • You can monitor mentions on Stories alongside your print, online press, Instagram and YouTube.

If youre ready to start improving and streamlining your media monitoring processes, book a demo to find out more about our services. Designed to help you and your beauty brand team keep track of coverage more efficiently, mmis media solutions not only help you measure your PR performance but enable you to refine your strategy too.

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February 22, 2022