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Nov 25, 2021

Just Launched: mmi’s Instagram Reels Tracking Feature

Instagram Reels first made its debut in summer 2020, giving users new and imaginative ways of producing video content (with more than a few similarities to TikTok). And, as TikTok’s popularity has grown, so too has the prominence of Reels content, as more and more influencers experiment with the 60-second video format.

We’ve seen makeup tutorials, comedy skits and travel slideshows play out on Reels. The mix of audio and special effects gives content creators endless ways to engage their audience. Meanwhile, the performance figures indicate that the Instagram algorithm may reward users for experimenting with this new feature, with one creator saying her reach went up by 2,000% after she posted one Reels post per day for one month.

Its good news for brands who are feeling stuck in terms of growth, or who are looking to expand and refresh their social media strategies with more authentic, creative content. But how do you measure the impact of such efforts? Thats where mmis new Instagram Reels tracking feature comes into play.

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At mmi, weve been tracking Instagram Stories since 2020 and grid posts since 2017, giving you complete, comprehensive data that you can access in one place. Now, weve enhanced our technology to extract and ingest data from Instagram Reels, so you can gain insight on how your competitors are using the platform.

This new feature allows you to review Reels data from all 1,250 beauty brands on the mmi brand list and curated influencers that are tracked using mediaCAMPAIGN, to offer data on a bespoke selection chosen by your brand. As well as giving you the basicfigures – such as engagement, reach and views – our technology provides mentions and identifies a post’s earned media value (EMV). You can even review data at a product level, meaning you can see all mascara Reels, all face mask Reels, and all hairspray Reels from the brands on our list in a collected format.  

Our tracking feature tells you how the Reels are treated, too. We can identify content as being on a Reel and tell you whether or not it was also available on the users main feed. All the data points together help you and your beauty brand understand what works on Instagram Reels, what brands you should be benchmarking against, and what your true presence is in the social media space.

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To find out more about mmis Instagram Reels tracking service, get in touch with us at Or, if youre an existing client, reach out to your Account Director to discuss how it can help refine your marketing strategy.

November 25, 2021