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Aug 05, 2021

Just In: New Titles Have Arrived On the mmi mediaPRO List

At mmi, we help beauty brands thrive in a saturated market; one where the competition is fierce, and the definition of success is always changing. Data is the most vital tool marketers have to make fact-based decisions for their businesses, which is why we offer a myriad of platforms and services to give you easy access to the insights you need.

At the centre of these products is the mmi mediaPRO List; a database of print and digital publications that we use to measure reach and impact in the beauty industry. We track 950 brands in the UK and Ireland against this list, so marketers can find out who is achieving the highest level of presence in the beauty market.

The list is made up of the top magazines, websites and influencers in the beauty industry. By keeping your finger on the pulse of publishing, you can see how your competitors are generating buzz for new products, retailers or ambassadors. Such insight can help you refine your own press and marketing strategies, helping you decide where to focus your PR efforts, what top talent to work with, and how effective exclusive launches can be.

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The mediaPRO List is updated every six months, when our team of analysts reviews the media landscape and adds any new titles that have launched or become relevant. From July 1st, we started tracking 63 additional titles and influencers, from up-and-coming ezines to celebrity YouTubers.

Here are just some of the Media List newcomers:

  • We are supporting the devolved nations by adding the, and to our database of digital publications.
  • We’ve also added British Muslim Magazine, Spell Magazine, Pavelle,, Nikita Baffour and many more who represent a more diverse audience in beauty.
  • Sustainability is top of the beauty agenda right now. In fact, around 45% of UK shoppers are actively interested in buying products that are better for the environment. With this in mind, we’ve added The Green Parent to our list of print publications
  • Our ever-growing list of trend-oriented titles has expanded once more with PAUSE Her.
  • Because beauty merges with lifestyle seamlessly, we’ve included travel ezine, Citizen Femme, as well a host of life and style influencers, such as Lucy Jane Wood, Carl Thompson and Kate Spiers.

With these additions, beauty brands can track their presence – and that of their competitors – further than ever before. Then, with a tool such as mediaPRO, it’s easy to benchmark performance to:

  • establish whether your brand ambassadors are achieving the expected coverage;
  • track your own coverage and share successes with the wider team;
  • understand your ranking within the beauty industry;
  • strategise an impactful product launch using competitor insights;
  • and so much more.

To see the full mmi Media List, click here

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August 5, 2021