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Sep 13, 2022

Just In: How Your mmi Media Data is Being Enhanced

At mmi Analytics, our aim isnt simply to provide you with your beauty brands media data; its to make that data as actionable and easy to interpret as possible. Less time spent translating insights means more time strategising new tactics for growth, which is why we regularly review our tools and products to ensure theyre evolving with the industry and enabling your brand to work most efficiently.

'item type' filter when viewing your brand and product mentions

And now, as a result of one of these recent reviews, were delighted to announce that were rolling out a major enhancement of your media monitoring data, available from 29th September. To provide improved reporting, youll now see the addition of an item type' filter when viewing your brand and product mentions in the mmi Analytics media platform.

This filter will make it easier and more straightforward to identify non-product mentions for your beauty brand, including corporate mentions, photoshoot credits and retailer mentions. Whether youve received a shout-out for your business growth or been featured on an etail stores media channel, it will be simpler to separate these insights out, so that you can report on them more effectively.


Increased level of granularity for non-product mentions

Product mentions are already categorised in a very granular way, allowing you to drill down into beauty categories and subcategories to reach the data youre looking for. Now, this new enhancement will also improve flexibility of reporting on for non-product mentions, reflecting the shifting beauty media eco-system and inspiring you to explore new ways of analysing your data.  


Update your existing reports

Some of your existing reports will need updating when this new feature goes live on 29th September, so we invite you to book in a session with our Client Success Team to run through the expected changes. This will allow you to ensure the reports reflect your data requirements, so youre getting the very best out of our media platform with this exciting update.

Book a session here to ensure a seamless transition and see how our enhanced data model will bring additional value to your service. We look forward to introducing you to this new phase of enhanced reporting.

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September 13, 2022