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Dec 16, 2021

How Our Etail Scorecard Drives Ecommerce Excellence For Beauty Brands

Is your customer journey truly meeting best practice? There are a multitude of factors that guide consumers along the digital path to purchase, and each one needs to be optimised to elevate your market share. But, more than that, these factors need to be monitored to ensure they’re consistently meeting the needs of consumers. And, as the scope of the journey broadens, this becomes increasingly challenging.

So, what are the factors that count?

  • First up, visibility is key to attracting beauty shoppers to your product pages in the first place, so your PR and digital advertising both require close attention. You’re looking to improve your share of voice (SOV)
  • Next, you need to check what consumers are seeing when they reach an etail site. Are they taken to the product that attracted them in the first place or a competitors?
  • Once consumers have reached the right page, theyll be looking at your content to learn more. Its important that you provide customers with detailed images and clear descriptions, so they understand what theyre buying.
  • Last but not least, reviews are essential to helping consumers shop with confidence. 99% always or sometimes read ratings and reviews when shopping for beauty products online.

Ensuring these four elements are in place for each SKU is crucial to improving your digital shelf. There are various tools that can track them for you, but often across various interfaces. For example, you may find that youre using one platform for pricing analysis, and an entirely different one to monitor stock availability. Jumping between tools makes monitoring the customer journey more time-consuming, which is why weve collated all the vital data points in one place.

Amplify sales by creating a captivating customer experience that spans the  full path to purchase →


Using Your Scorecard

At mmi, we measure every aspect of your ecommerce presence, from the digital ads you set up, to your product content, to the number of reviews you have on display. Our platform presents you with a digital scorecard that filters by retailer and by brand, giving you quick-to-assess scores that cover:

  • Co-op ad performance, including share of voice (SOV) and reach.
  • Search visibility.
  • Pricing for your SKUs and analysis of promotions.
  • Stock availability.
  • Content performance, with deep dives into images, videos, copy and more.

These scores show you how successful your SKUs are from one etailer to the next, so you can pinpoint areas of improvement and act accordingly. You can also see how other brands measure up on various etailers, so you can make informed optimisations that will maximise your market share.


Tips to Boost Your Etail Scores 

While your etail scorecard will enable you to quickly identify gaps in your digital strategy, there are a number of ways you can impact conversions right now. Follow these tips:

1. Plan media and etail investment together:

As media and etail continue to converge, its important to strategise these areas in tandem, so they bolster one another and maximise your return on investment (ROI). For example, when setting up influencer programs, do so with a chosen etailer in mind. Request your influencers link to this store, and set up co-op ads on their homepage to further boost your campaign.

2. Partner with etailers on media spend:

To keep amplifying your ROI, consider collaborating on paid media campaigns with etailers also. This not only reinforces your partnerships, but improves visibility and, in turn, impacts your sales.   

3. Start your planning early:

Theres no such thing as too soonwhen it comes to planning for key consumer periods. From product detail page content to prioritising media platforms, map out your campaigns early using the data to inform your decision-making.

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December 16, 2021