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drive measurable global influencer marketing programs by transforming how you identify and track the best influencers

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how influencerCONNECT helps

influencerCONNECT is an influencer marketing platform that enables you to identify and track the best influencers for your brand.  Replacing manual processes results in you being able to

Reduce time spent on researching global beauty and non-beauty influencers for your beauty project across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Monitor and measure the success of influencer programmes across multiple social networks - instagram, instagram stories, TikTok and YouTube to support campaign ROI

Select authentic influencers for your campaign by accessing audience demographics by social platform including TikTok

Understand your target audience better and improve efficiency in influencer marketing outreach programmes

Link ROI to campaigns

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expand your influencer marketing and achieve better ROI with a free list of the top 10 influencers for your brand

get free influencers list


Find beauty and non-beauty influencers with ease using keyword search and powerful audience filters

Discover influencers based on target demographic, location, content topic, gender and activity

Access reach, engagement, impressions, content topic and fake followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Reach out and engage with influencers through the platform and then evaluate their campaign whilst it is running to make adjustments

Reach out through the platform and then engage with influencers 

Evaluate the campaign while its running to make adjustments if necessary



of beauty brands say that identifying the right people to work with is time-consuming and the biggest pain point of influencer marketing


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