Huda Beauty chooses mediaSELECT as global monitoring and insights solution



Huda Beauty is a leading cosmetics and skincare brand based in the Middle East. Having taken the beauty world by storm, the brand was at the stage of growth where they needed a reliable global media partner who specialises in the industry.

That’s where mmi Analytics’ global media analysis tool, mediaSELECT, came in. It offered Huda Beauty the opportunity to standardise and categorise their media data across 15 countries.

the challenge of manually sifting through media coverage

Previously, the Huda Beauty team were working with a global media monitoring company on their media analysis. However, they weren’t happy with the level of monitoring, the reporting options available and their accuracy. With their contract approaching renewal, they began the search for a new tool that would help them measure media coverage more effectively.

Huda Beauty required the ability to

  • track and benchmark their media exposure globally,
  • identify what is driving their media coverage, and
  • critically highlight how they are performing against competitors in the online space.

Being able to provide a single report across print and online media with harmonised metrics and single reporting capabilities was important to the team.  They also wanted the flexibility to report at a category and product level.

One of the key challenges that Huda Beauty faced was having to manually sift through coverage. This is where they needed a tool that was specific to the beauty industry and capable of human-like analysis. For example, as well as Huda Beauty, Huda owns a brand called Wishful Skincare. An automated system would pull many irrelevant articles with the keyword ‘Wishful’. Also with mmi, Huda knew they would get a deeper level of categorisation due to their unique data collection process. This would allow them to differentiate between cosmetics, skincare and fragrance products and competitors.

support global standardisation of reporting across your brands within a defined competitor list in print, online and social media

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the solution

Huda Beauty now has access to the following functionality which helps the team stay competitive in a crowded beauty market:

  • Monthly media measurement in print and measurement and rankings against defined competitors in online media
  • Earned media value and reach of paid, gifted and earned activities
  • Ability to search through own and competitor coverage at a product level.
  • Category analysis – including Complexion, Mascara, Foundation – is key
  • Ability to create and curate custom reports
  • Coverage alerts
  • Human analysis of keywords
  • Global dashboard to look at global coverage and local dashboards to look at a market level

"we selected mmi due to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, its reporting capabilities, and the ability to segment the brand data by category.  The mediaSELECT tool was the best of all those considered by the global PR team"


Remi Mobolade, Global PR Manager
Huda Beauty

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the results

By subscribing to mediaSELECT, the Huda Beauty global team has visibility of their brand’s performance compared to a set list of competitors in 15 countries. They use this data to measure, refine and improve their media strategy in print and online.

mediaSELECT also saves the team time, as they no longer need to manually sift through and categorise coverage. They have now shifted this time and activity to focus on outreach, allowing them to gain more media coverage than before.

The global team are also able to more easily interpret the figures submitted by the individual markets, as they know the data is collected to a strict methodology that provides standardised, actionable insights.

why Huda Beauty chose mediaSELECT

After a discovery session and a tailored demo of the software, Huda Beauty immediately knew that the human eye and categorisation that mmi could offer would help them overcome their challenges.

Remi Mobolade, Huda Beauty’s Global PR Manager, explained, “Huda Beauty selected mmi due to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, its reporting capabilities, and the ability to segment the brand data by category. The mediaSELECT tool was the best of all those considered by the global PR team”.

the story of Huda Beauty

Award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan is one of the most influential women in the Middle East. With a phenomenal fan base (40+ million Instagram followers), she’s widely renowned as a beauty industry sensation. In 2013, she launched her eponymous range of must-have palettes, liquid lipsticks, foundations and more, putting the brand on the fast-track to global beauty domination.

Much of that growth can be attributed to viral media exposure, making PR and communications crucial to Huda Beauty’s ongoing strategy.

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