Video Replay & Deck

2023 Fragrance Foundation - Hot Off The Press mmi Presentation Deck & Video Replay

Fragrance media and etail insights from December 2022


Kevin Flaherty presented at the Fragrance Foundation - Hot off the Press event in February 2023 covering:

  • Summary of SOV across cosmetics, Skincare, Fragrance and Haircare
  • Focus on Fragrance media broken down by categories, brands and products
  • Ambassadors and TikTok
  • Focus on Fragrance eCommerce, including SOV, rankings by brand by retailer, stock level insights, price increases and discounts

Use the insights in the video replay and the presentation deck to 

  • Improve media and etail strategies for 2023
  • See who your top competitors are
  • Plan for the December 2023 holiday season 

Watch Replay & Download Deck

The report will be of particular interest to beauty industry:-

Communication, Marketing, PR and Digital professionals;  General Managers;  Influencer Marketing Managers; etail / e-commerce Managers and Agencies