2021 Beauty Tech Live Event Replay

How to drive beauty market share & growth by aligning data insights 

A deep dive into how to optimise the customer journey by combining beauty media and eTail data.

The customer journey has evolved and brands, retailers and influencers have begun to evolve with it. 

If your plan is to win online, establishing a combined media and eTail strategy is crucial. But to gain a competitive advantage, it’s equally important to layer your media and etail datasets.  

In this webinar, we take you on the why and the how of aligning your media and eTail strategies and datasets, covering: 

  • The statistics beauty eCommerce businesses can’t afford to ignore 
  • How the customer journey has irreversibly changed 
  • Content drives conversions:  why media’s become wired for eTail and eTail’s now being wired for media 
  • The 5 questions you need to ask yourself when considering all the data points 

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